The Truth about Vaccines & Injections

Vaccines & Injections

The purpose of creating this page is to enlighten my fellow beings to all the ingredients and side affects of some of our everyday medicines and vaccines so we can make an INFORMED DECISION before mindlessly putting any and everything into our bodies. As individual we can only make a ‘real’ choice after being presented with all the information, therefore here it is for your review…

The following is sourced from pharmaceutical industry archives, medical journal, GP’s, hospital medics and records, US/UK government files, infectious diseases centres, department of health and university medical studies….

Please be aware that the information is here – not to wholly advocate boycotting vaccinations and medications, or to wholly present a biased view… but simply because I believe that people must be given all the information for an individual to then make an informed decision before going ahead and obliviously accepting what the ‘doctors’ have on offer.

Now lets start with Vaccinations –

In combination they can cause many very serious physical and mental diseases including: - autism, encerphalitis, M.E, epilepsy, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, criminality, lower IQ, diabetes, asthma, social violence, meningitis, anaphylaxis, Crohn’s disease, leukaemia, convulsions, multiple sclerosis, plus Parkinson’s disease, glue ear, hepatitis, arthritis, tuberculosis, paralysis, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin diseases, neuropathy, paraesthesia, inflammatory bowel diseases, genetic mutation and severe blood disorders.

Vaccination is the number on cause of cot death (SIDS) and some cases of shaken baby syndrome are in fact vaccine damage.

All vaccines contain theses unlisted ingredients (which the drug industries worldwide keep hidden)

Formaldehyde (embalming fluid), Aluminium, latex, paraffin, aspartame, MSG (monosodium glutamate which contains neurotoxic chemicals and pork extract: a food additive also used in eastern type restaurants for flavourings), disinfectant, glycerine, human and animal blood (from HIV + humans) and excrement, tissues from dead (commonly diseased) humans, antifreeze, GM tissues from diseased sheeps, monkey, mice, cows, guinea pigs, goats, horses, rabbits and dogs, aborted human foetus cells, cancer cells, bacteria, toxic drugs, GM yeast, toxic anti-biotics, microchips for tracking and monitoring via satellite – controlling, dumbing down and causing a timed release cerebral haemorrhaging or mood changing. There are many more toxic carcinogenic ingredients not listed above…

Vitamin K injections and oral drops for new

borns - this can in most cases be unnecessary and contains many of the above listed toxins

Botox (a neurotoxin) and insulin is extracted from dead human and animal tissues and have been shown to cause paralysis, cancer and death on occasions.



Aspartame was originally designed as a biochemical warfare agent; try to avoid sweeteners please.

Aspartame is a sweetener in over 90,000 foods and drinks and also in drugs, vaccines and even some children vitamins. Aspartame is genetically engineered, being made from nuclear toxic waste and is the most toxic food additive. It is a neurotoxin that kills brain cells and intensifies the effect of other toxins. It is a cumulative poison which breaks down the molecular and cellular structure causing cancer, obesity, diabetes, blindness, birth defects and mental diseases. Tests on volunteers had to be stopped when blood began pouring from their eyes. Chewing gum contains some amounts of aspartame but in some people just one stick has caused brain seizures and rarely death. However for profit motives, medical authorities have approved it as safe.


Sucralose and Neotame are new types of aspartame.

Because of greed the medical authorities answer to all such vaccine and chemically induced disease is to administering even more chemical drugs.

Deliberately injecting such substances into innocent defenceless babies and children is legally classified as chemical poisoning, assault and neglect. Vaccinations can be classed as legalised child abuse and people often refer to a vaccine as a lethal injection for this reason.

As little as 1 or 2 doses of Paroxetine, Tamiflu, ,Relenza, Vioxx, Ritalin, Prozac, Wellbutin, Luvox, Norvasc etc can severely damage or kill. They can cause hallucinations and create murderers and suicidal people. Ritalin is very similar to cocaine. Ritalin and other anti-psychotic drugs are given unnecessarily to millions of children for non-existent conditions e.g. ADHD. All the US shootings were committed by users of Ritalin, Zolof, Prosac or other anti-pyschotic and anti-depressant drugs which can cause mental illness. A drug company admitted that ‘Most of our drugs do not work’. When ill the directors use alternatives not drugs. All drugs have side effects and dug trials are routinely falsified.

If for example mercury is assigned a toxicity rating of 1 and lead is assigned to toxicity rating of 1, when combined they do not have a toxicity rating of 2 but 60. When so many toxic ingredients are combined into a single vaccine, it can be very damaging or lethal. Nowadays 2 – 7 vaccines are combined e.g. MMR and any combined vaccines are very dangerous.

A single vaccine could kill an adult in 3 hours, yet the dosage given to babies is much higher, even though their systems are not fully developed yet.

The age that vaccines are given and the number of vaccines given correlates with a higher incidence of autism. The higher the percentage of the population vaccinated, the higher the incidence of autism.

A mother was crippled through changing the nappy of her baby who was vaccinated with the polio virus. She was awarded £1m compensation by the judge. Courts have proven over time that vaccines are not safe and are not effective. The US government admits that the vaccine itself causes polio. An Irish Court awarded £2.75m in 1995 for vaccine damage (I have put in a freedom of information request to find out the latest statistics in the UK and will update you of their findings.) In the US $9.1m was awarded for vaccine-induced autism.


Autism did not exist prior to the introduction of vaccines. Autism has risen from 1 to 10,000 to 1 in 58 due to the continued vaccination process. Autism is not a genetic condition, rather it is the highly toxic vaccines compounded by other chemical drugs, additives, polluctants, and GM products etc that damage our genes and weaken the human gene pool. In natural environments our genetic structure would be perfect. We do not need to be ‘fixed’ by genetic scientists. We were designed to have perfect health and genes. It’s the negative patterns and denials that need changing.

Vacciness are designed to dumb down, trigger off inner fears, and cause zombification of the mind, body and soul to enable people to be domineered more easily,

Diseases are caused by toxins and defeciencies. We now have 30,000 new diseases and rising.

Detox with a good plant based diet and plenty of mineral water - this prevents and heals diseases. Only buy minerals and vitamins that have no additives and are plant based. A study in India proved that simply giving Vitamin A to eliminate deficiencies, prevented complications and deaths from measles.

Banned drugs are donated by the western countries as an 'act of charity' and routinely given to patients including the elderly.

Measles is not fatal or in any way harmful in western societies where food is plentiful. Medical authorities withold such life saving knowledge on Vitamin A.

The word 'doctor' means teacher - The Hipocratic Oath First says 'do not harm', sworn by all doctors - was overuled a long time ago.

The drugs industry is the 2nd richest int he world. Materialism has replaced compassion. Medical School, Universities and hospitals are basically owned by the drugs industry.

Doctors commonly use fear, guilt, illegal threats of court action to coerce mothers into having their children vaccinated/poisioned - i was one of them - however you have a legal right of choice over treatment of your child; most doctors do not vaccinate their own children.

Vaccine induced Diseases (VID): Vaccines contain some of the most toxic substances known, any one of which can cause cancer.

lots more to follow



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