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First and foremost I would like people to SELF ADVERTISE on this page…  Individuals, and businesses alike are welcome to send through the details of what service you provide, facilitate and how people can contact you. Information should be sent via the contact us page and all information will be posted on the page within 24 hours.  

Secondly this page is to give a FOR YOU to sent through information of anyone that you would like recognised here for something they have achieved/done and remember to say whether you (the person requesting the ad) would like to be noted also.

Lastly this page is a place where I will also place all information regarding people within the community that contribute in some way to advertising, promoting, creating, facilitating and hosting events, conferences, meetings, screenings and much more.

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The Philadelphia born, conscious Rap Artist that I wish to share is a Great person and A Great Writer.

''He goes by the title of Neo P. Newton, And is a great inspiration as well in his daily life thru positive actions, words, thoughts, and deeds.. His music is uplifting and positive, as well as brutality honest about the Greatness we derive from and also the struggle/attack that has plagued our people for centuries upon centuries.''



An Evening With CKD is dedicated to creating awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease and addressing the misconceptions of Organ Donation in the UK African, Caribbean. The Founder Amma Rose sees young and old black people increasingly affected by End-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease, becoming a slave to the Dialysis machine. An Evening With CKD's mission is to install preventative measures in the minds of the black community so we can help eradicate that!

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Credits for Events, Adverts etc:

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Yvette McDonald
[email protected]


Avril Nanton


Tony Warner

Mailing address PO Box 913, Harrow

Email address [email protected]


Elena Noel
Founder and Director – Empowering People for Excellence  
Anne Marie Manning, Flo, Dawnet, Patrice, Tracee A, Sharon, Angela, Claire & Carmen 
London Positive Black Women Meet up Organisers

EVENTBRITE - yes I give thanks as without that I would be in the dark about SO many things