This page is here to say a BIG THANKYOU to everyone that has shown me, guided me, loved me, helped me and inspired me.....

If there is anyone you feel deserves of a public 'big up' please send through their details via the contact us page. :-)

My mum - Dr Jocelyn Emama Maxime

Our relationship has been challenging BUT you've consistently shown me work ethic, and are strong black woman to be proud of. You have worked tirelessly to build a business, have run a clincial psychological unit/school, were a pioneer and questioned ethnicity/race and adoption in the 1990's , you've hosted/presented numerous talks, are a property investor/developer.. the list goes on, but without you there would be no me - so thank you mama. I Love you.

My Son - My reason

My baby boy, Tyreke, my inspiration and motivation for everything I do. You've helped me grow, and become who I am today and I strive to provide you with EVERYTHING you need. I hope to make you as proud of me as I am of you. I love you always.

Miss Jennifer Walker

A TRUE second mother - words can't express how grateful I am for all you put up with, have been to me, and continue to be. I wonder why you chose not to have children of your own, as you are truly a fantastic mother and friend, but i'm glad because then I don't have to share you with anyone! :-) THANK YOU


We may be spread across the world, seperated for the time being but I look forward to 'coming home'. Love you all.

Miss Krystle Kapijimpanga

A kindred spirit, a sister, a friend - whether near or far I'm here for you and your princess always sweets.

Mr David Neita

A real 'I will and I do man'! :-) Truly inspirational on so many levels. I've greatly appreciated the experiences you enabled me to have - 1st public performance, work within a black charity, work on the late Milton Hanson etc.  I've not always had the time to work with you more but my memories make me smile uncontrollably and I hope more opportunities arise in time. 

Miss Sibel Suleyman

A woman who lights up a room when she enters and is destined for great things. You have the power of making me feel better by just hearing you laugh. A friend - hopefully for life otherwise I will just have to hunt you down girl! :-)

Miss Anne Marie Jeremie

A beautiful, strong, intelligent fellow Trinidadian who has been an unbeknown motivation at times - 'I've thought your attitude towards certain situations takes guts' which is admirable. You hold your own girl, have said those few words that gave me the world of support when it was really needed, and I salute you for studying, working and continuing your journey to being all you can be - amazing.

Mr Mussie usa usa

A genuine friend - good people are hard to find but appreciation must be shown for all the kindness you've shown me and on behalf of everyone else that you've been selfless with, I thankyou for helping them to. I hope you one day acknowledge your Kingship and embrace it - your greater than you think. Love you always.

Mr Leon Stokes

My brother (unbeknown to mum's but it's ok), another talented, humble, kind, strong black man who needs to start ACKNOWLEDGING that you are destined for great things despite the hardship life keeps putting on you. It's a test, so keep positive, stay strong and I love you always you KNOW THIS. Always MY LEON ;)

Brother Tony Warner

This man is a intellectual genius who has a spirit that I love. Tony runs Black History Walks which offer guided Walking Tours in St Pauls/Bank, Docklands, Trafalgar Square, Elephant & Castle and Notting Hill. He also puts on a numerous amount of film screenings, talks and other events throughout the year. I've learned so much on the few ocassions that I've been blessed enough to be in his presence and I'm enjoying the opportunities that arise to learn more from this spirited man. A truly amazing melanated inspiring beautiful being. 

Charmaine & Mark Simpson

This union of individuals have created a fantastic organisation that provides courses, run black history museum tours, put on screenings, host events and much more. The beauty of these soul mates is demonstrated in their teaching, warmth at events and professional resource/learning materials. Individually they are empowering, and as a team they are breath-taking. True Warrior Queen & Empowered King.

 Dr Llaila Afrika & Dr Melanie Stevenson

There are no words, actions or pictures that can fully explain and incorporate how these two spirited TEACHERS of EVERYTHING have touched my life. Meeting them, being blessed enough to attend courses, lectures and get 2, YES 2 hugs from these holistic specialists of life, love and well-being has been so empowering for me. Dr Afrika is laid back with intelligence eminating from his fingertips and Dr Stevenson has the energy and passion to make you stand up instantly from your sleep and get learning/involved. If I lived a life without having met these two people I may not have had the knowledge, strength or focus to continue on the path I believe is set for me. I love these beings and THANK them for everything and all they given to me mentally, emotionally and physically.