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Ancient Man in Britain (pdf)

Another Jesus (pdf)

Black People & Their Place in History (doc)

Compendium volume 1 - by Herman Hoeh (pdf)

Compendium V… (same as above but different format and maybe revised)

Compendium Volume 2 - by Herman Hoeh (pdf) (pdf)

Compendium V… (same as above but different format and maybe revised)

First 2500 Years of Human History – by Social Studies Department (doc)

Forbidden Archaeology – by Cremo, Richard, Michael & Thompson (pdf)

From Babylon to Timbuktu – Rudolph Windsor (pdf)

History of Ethiopia According to Herodotus, Diodorus & Strabo Research (pdf)

Searching for Ancient Evidence (doc)

The Christ Conspiracy; the greatest story ever told - by Acharya (rtf)

The Five Black Presidents – J A Rogers (pdf)

The Great Controversy (doc)

The Kebra Negast (pdf)

The Life & Legacy of Joel Augustus Rogers (doc)

The Secret Relationship between Blacks & Jews – by Khalid Muhammad & Nation of Islam (pdf)

The Truth about black People & Their Place in World History (doc)

The Two Babylons (pdf)

Wonderful Ethiopians (pdf)

The report entitled ‘Healing a divided Britain – the need for a comprehensive race equality strategy’ states that Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) people in Britain still face "entrenched" race inequality in many areas, including education and health.
This has received widespread media coverage  from The BBC, Guardian online, Express online, to name a few.
This is a beautiful story of a little girl and her big afro hair. Ideal for girls 3-12 years old to help to increase their self-esteem. Have a look, buy it and enjoy it. Check out this application on the App Store:
Cover Art

Big Hair

Girl Team Mobile
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Updated: 16 Nov 2011

 ‘What They Said I Should Be: The Story Of African British Female Movers & Shakers’


Talking about sexting


Sexting is when an individual sends explicit messages or indecent sexual photos of themselves or others.

With the continual growth of social media and use of smartphones, tablets and desktops, more and more children are engaging in or being affected by sexting, with the number of reported cases increasing.

Whilst we understand that it may be an awkward topic to discuss, it's vital that all teachers and safeguarding professionals have the appropriate guidance when dealing with this issue.

To make it easier, we've produced a free guide entitled 'how can you safeguard children from sexting?' which you can download from our website below.



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