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This first topic is very controversial - and there is an abundance of research detailing points in agreement AND denial of there being a connection/LINK between the CONTRACEPTIVE PILL & CANCER. I share the following for your review and own investigation - KNOWLEDGE - it allows you to make and informed decision.

Taken from the Cancer RESEARCH SITE…

“The contraceptive pill and cancer risk

Can being on the pill cause cancer? Does the risk last even if you've stopped taking it?

The pill does increase the risk of some cancers, but lowers the risk of others. Any increase in cancer risk from taking the pill seems to go back to normal once you stop taking it. There is information below on”

The birth control Pill and cancer

High levels of our own natural hormones can increase our risk of cancer. But some medical treatments can also increase our hormone levels, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the birth control Pill.



Different types of Pill

Oral contraceptives, commonly known as ‘the Pill’, are a popular form of birth control in the UK. There are two main types:

  • The combined Pill. This is by far the most common type and consists of two female hormones - oestrogen and progestogen.
  • The mini-Pill. This pill only contains progestogen. Because it has no oestrogen, it has fewer side effects but is also less effective. The mini-Pill is much less popular than the combined type.

Because the Pill works by altering hormone levels, there have been concerns about whether it could affect a woman’s cancer risk. Scientists have found that the Pill:

The Pill and cancer

Over short periods, using the Pill can slightly increase a woman’s risk of cervical cancer. But women who stay on it for over 10 years have double the risk of this cancer. This risk disappears once women stop using the Pill

Scientists used to believe that the Pill only indirectly raised the risk of cervical cancer. The idea was that women who used the Pill were more sexually active and more likely to contract HPV - a sexually-transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer. But the evidence now suggests that the Pill itself may have a direct effect.

The Pill also slightly increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer. But this risk increase disappears within 10 years of going off the Pill.


But the Pill can also protect against some cancers. It halves a woman’s risk of ovarian and womb cancers and this protective effect continues for about 15-20 years after stopping.

The mini-Pill and cancer

Based on a small number of studies, it looks as if the mini-Pill affects a woman’s risk of cancer in the same way as the combined Pill. It could slightly increase the risk of breast and cervical cancers, but protect against womb and ovarian cancers. But we can’t say this for sure until larger studies are done.

Abortion .. but not as you ever thought of it before...

Did you know that the founder of Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion provider in America to date) Margaret Sanger, was a devout racist who created the 'Negro Project' designed to sterilize unknowing black women and others she deemed as undesirables of society? The founder of Planned Parenthood said, "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated." Is her vision being fulfilled today?


 "I accepted an invitation to talk to the women's branch of the Ku Klux Klan...I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses...I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak...In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered." (Margaret Sanger: An Autobiography, P.366)



The founder of Planned Parenthood said, "Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated." Is her vision being fulfilled today?

The following statistic are predominantly based on American Research however when reading through these facts bear in mind that Black people make up 12% of the population... when you think about it - these figures that you are about to see are VERY high



Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions in 2009.


Planned Parenthood's current ratio of abortions to adoption referrals is 340:1

In 2009 they performed 332,278 abortions, and made 977 adoption referrals.


There were, 25,196 abortions reported in Cook County, Illinois in 2009. On average, that equates to one life destroyed every 21 minutes.

Source: Illinois Department of Public Health

African American Abortion Ratio in New York City (2009): 59.8%

Live Births: 27,405
Induced Abortions: 40,798
Source: New York City Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene/ Bureau of Vital Statistics for 2009

Caucasian Abortion Ratio in New York City (2009): 20.4%

Live Births: 38,438
Induced Abortions: 9,853
Source: New York City Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene/ Bureau of Vital Statistics for 2009


Percent of lives lost to abortion in New York City (2009):

• 46.7% African American (national average is 37%)
• 32.5% Hispanic
• 11.3% Caucasian
Source: New York City Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene/ Bureau of Vital Statistics for 2009

Since 1973, the year of the Supreme Court Decision Roe vs. Wade, 13 million African American lives have been lost to abortion.

Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC)


More African American babies have been killed by abortions since 1973 than the total number of African American deaths from AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease combined.

Approximate number of African American deaths since 1973:
Abortion: 13+ Million
Heart Disease: 2.26 Million
Cancer: 1.64 Million
Accidents: 307,723 Violent Crimes: 306,313 AIDS: 203,649
Source: Based on cumulative statistics provided by the US center for Disease Control; accessed at:


An black baby is three times more likely to be aborted

than a white baby. Today, African Americans account for 12.8% of the American population, but African American women receive 35% of all abortions.
Source: 2010 US Census Data
CDC Abortion Surveillance Report 11/26/04

Of the approximately 4,000 abortions that are performed daily in the United States, 1,452 of them take the lives of African American children.

Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC)


And why not stop for a moment and think... where are the clinics predominently based

e.g. Marie Stopes have a centre in Brixton




Unfortunately SOME of our black men are mis-guided into thinking that black women are LESS THAN, LESS ATTRACTIVE, LESS INTELLIGENT- WHEN WE ARE equal beings ... i listened to this clip from Vanessa Feltz radio show in horror. I appreciate that not all men hold this view, but it highlights some of the challenges within our community, especially those faced by natural black women. Please ignore the photo!

The Yanomami are one of the largest relatively isolated tribes in South America. They live in the rainforests and mountains of northern Brazil and southern Venezuela.

The Yanomami


For thousands of years, the Yanomami have thrived in the rainforests of South America

Now, they are struggling as the government fails to protect them from criminal invasions, attacks and disease

Over 1,000 gold-miners are now working illegally on Yanomami land, transmitting deadly diseases like malaria and polluting the rivers and forest with mercury. Cattle ranchers are invading and deforesting the eastern fringe of their land.

Yanomami health is suffering and critical medical care is not reaching them, especially in Venezuela.


‘Mining will only destroy nature. It will only destroy the streams and the rivers and kill the fish and kill the environment – and kill us. And bring in diseases which never existed in our land.’

More details regarding fading TRIBES is documented under the tab 'Current Issues'


Female Genital Mutilation

It is estimated that over 130 million girls and women have undergone female genital mutilation. It is also estimated that 2 million girls are at risk of undergoing some form of the procedure every year. Most of the women and girls affected live in more than 28 countries in Africa although some live in the Middle East and Asia.

        type-II-fgm ...     type-III-fgm


Affected women and girls are also increasingly found in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA, primarily among immigrant communities from Africa and southwestern Asia. Female genital mutilation will continue indefinitely unless effective interventions are found to convince communities to abandon the practice

 fmggirl FGM-instruments

 "Female genital mutilation (FGM), or female circumcision as it is sometimes erroneously referred to, involves surgical removal of parts or all of the most sensitive female genital organs. ... It is believed that, by mutilating the female's genital organs, her sexuality will be controlled; but above all it is to ensure a woman's virginity before marriage and chastity thereafter. In fact, FGM imposes on women and the girl child a catalogue of health complications and untold psychological problems. The practice of FGM violates, among other international human rights laws, the right of the child to the 'enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health', as laid down in article 24 (paras. 1 and 3) of the Convention on the Rights of the Child."

Suicide cotton farmers in India

Since June 2005, more than 5,000 desperate farmers have killed themselves across India, leaving their wives and children in even worse financial situations than when they were alive.There are no authentic figures on the exact number of farm suicides in India, but the Maharashtra government accepts a figure of 1920 from January 1, 2001 to August 19, 2006. The Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS), a farmer's movement, puts the toll at 782 from June 1, 2005 to August 26, 2006. And, in the last three months, there has been a suicide every eight hours.



Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini's Religious Teachings on Marriage, Divorce and Relationships (Parvin Darabi, USA-based Dr. Homa Darabi Foundation website, Jun 10, 2006: "A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual act such as forplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed. A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not comitted a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man's four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl's sister."


Public Stoning

Unsavory Overtones: Stoning is primarily enforced by Islamic fundamentalist sharia law, often for bizarre reasons. In 2004, 13-year-old Zhila Izadyar was sentenced to death by stoning in Iran for the "crime" of being raped by her older brother. Although the sentence was later overturned due to international outcry, equally horrific stoning sentences are quietly carried out throughout the developing world on a regular basis.

How It Works: The prisoner is buried either up to his waist (if male) or up to her shoulders (if female) and then pelted with stones by a crowd of volunteers until obviously battered to death. Under the terms of most fundamentalist courts, the stones must be small enough that death cannot reasonably be expected to result from only one or two blows, but large enough to cause physical harm. The average execution by stoning is extremely painful, lasting at least 10 to 20 minutes.




 What is infanticide?

The popular expression used to refer to the murder of unwanted children, the term infanticide takes us back to a problem as old as humanity itself, registered all over the world throughout history.

Violence against children is a sad mark of modern society, registered in all social layers and in all around the world. In the case of indigenous children, the added difficulty is that they cannot count on the same protection as other children, because culture is valued more than life and their voices are muffled out by the mantle of belief in unalterable and static cultures.


Every year, hundreds of indigenous children are buried alive, suffocated with leaves, poisoned or left to die in the forest. Dedicated mothers are many times forced by cultural traditions to give up their children. Some prefer suicide to this.

There are many reasons that lead to the children’s deaths. Those with physical or mental deficiencies are killed, as well as twins, children born out of wedlock or considered to be bearers of bad luck for the community. In some communities, the mother may kill a newborn baby, if she is still breastfeeding another or if the sex of the baby wasn’t what was expected. For some tribes the birth of twins or children with abnormalities indicates that the mother was promiscuous during her pregnancy. She is punished and her children are buried alive.

It is important to note that it is not only newborn babies who are the victims of infanticide. There are records of children of 3, 4, 11 and up to 15 years old being killed for many different reasons.

In certain communities, infanticide rates are higher among younger mothers. Lack of information, lack of access to public services such as education and health, associated with the absolute lack of hope for the future, perpetuate this practice.