Current Campaigns & Memorials

Please feel free to send through additions of any campaigns that are not listed here

Campaigns in the UK:

Campaign Group / Subject

URL / Link


Campaign For Justice For Smiley Culture

Free Babar Ahmed

Free Talha Ahsan

Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign



Justice4Paul Coker

Justice for Barri White and Keith Hyatt

Justice 4 Grainger

Justice for Kevin Lane

Justice for Kevin Nunn

Justice for Kingsley Burrell

Justice for Michael Bailey

Justice for Seni

Mark Duggan Inquest

Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice

Remember Oluwale

Roger Sylvester Justice Campaign

United Families & Friends Campaign


Sean Rigg: Justice & Change Campaign

Searching for the Truth about Ruth Ellis

Susan May is Innocent - Freed to Fight On!

Tom Thumb

Truth and Justice For Patrick Docherty


Non-Custody Campaigns UK & Related


Hollie Demands Justice

Ian Tomlinson Family Campaign

Justice for Daniel

Justice for Jay Abatan

Justice for Jeremiah

Justice for Sandra


Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust


Memorials in the UK & related


Wayne Hamilton 1985 - 2010

Wesley McGoldrick

Anthony Walker Tribute

Arsema Dawit Tribute

Jason Oscar McPherson

Remember Oluwale

Remember Pauline


Campaigns Abroad


Cameron Todd Willingham

Cape Coalition Against Police Executions

Free Byron Case

Free Dawit Isaak

Free Jamie Snow

Free Jonny

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

Free The Scott Sisters

Free Rodney Reed

Free Zulu

Justice for Sean Bell

Oscar Grant Committee

Save Jeff Wood

Save Jimmy Dennis

Save Sara Kruzan Campaign

The Case of Hank Skinner

Trayvon Martin Foundation


Non-Custody Campaigns Abroad:


Idriss Stelley Foundation

Steve Biko Foundation


Memorials Abroad:


Bob Coulson

Farley C. Matchett


Frances Newton

James Allridge III

Karla Faye Tucker

Songs for Sam

Susan Lee Solar Memorial

Wanda Jean Allen

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