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I just wanted to take a moment to explain the reasoning behind my making this website and its intentions.


I love 'people'... white, chinese, black green whatever.... it's not about the colour in terms of how I love you, treat you, or understand you...

I believe however, that to truly love one self and love others, you need to appreciate and understand who you are.

Currently living in England, a cold but cultured place (in parts), there lacks positive images for black people, there lacks an understanding of black history, and the younger generation - our future have little else left but to sing Rihanna S& M at 6 years old, and straighten their hair, spending a majority of their time doing little else than play computer games and talk about the opposite sex BECAUSE OF what the world seems to tolerate now.

If our younger generation can be taught what being black encompasses, the good and the bad, just maybe we may stop feeling the need to put each other down, hurting ourselves and make better for ourselves.

I am no doctor, psychologist, therapist, but am merely a humble soul that LOVES, and wants to share my knowledge, understanding, and hopefully along the way start a movement... FOR BETTER, for EVERYONE! :-)

The information, (and please understand its information and not a full detail of all that’s in my head and all I am yet to learn, and all that could be gained from understanding) is here merely for you to review, questioning and to share. I appreciate that not everyone may agree with all may statements, points of view, or facts, however ALL the information in this site are all from books, lecturers, documentaries, historians, psychologist, doctors, scientists, analysts medical and business, and generally an eclectic mix of sources - but that’s what i wanted to, create a wesite with an eclectic mix of information for the masses!

I have a 10 year old son, who means more that the world to me; however I am soooo sad at what I've brought him into - a society where there is division due to man-made beliefs about religion, sex, race, and understanding.

Everyone has a right to be here, so why do we subject our peers to animosity when 'going in another territory'. We really don't own the blocks, or run the streets... Our knowledge and understanding defines how great we can be, NOT how many fights we have, or friends on our MySpace or how gangster we are rated?!

We do not have to hate on a sister or brother just because they look better - admire them, compliment them, ask where they got it from, but the hate needs to diminish.

We don't have to 'coast' on a person because they have more than you - strive for better and let it inspire you to achieve the same and more; achieve your goals.

Human Family

Concentrate on what you have and not what you haven't, too easily we get into a routine of chasing things butwe don't appreciate or acknowledge what we have.  

I love to learn, listen and appreciate all types in information, BUT I REFUSE to take it all lying down blindly - I want to make an informed choice.

I feel as black people, we seemed to have regressed - Rosa Parks fought to have the right to sit at the front of the bus; nowadays where do you see predominantly more black people seated? - At the back of the bus?! During times of uprising (more commonly called riots like Brixton and Notting Hill) black people, ethnicities, came together for a common cause, people from all boroughs; nowadays different boroughs fight amongst and against themselves?!

As the site has progressed there has been feedback - good and bad. One flippant comment from a 'friend' was that my site was racist propaganda. I strongly disagree as my aim is NOT to put down anyone, but to concentrate here predominently on education black people into being all they can be, which is AMAZING!

Everything I do is free of charge (despite the expense to myself) because I want to - simply out of love and a desire to help motivate and help bring us as a people to regaining our creativity, strength and fight. I am a single mother working full time (7 days a week more time) living in my overdraft but I feel compelled to GIVE back and/or SHARE what I know to be true. I need no acknowledgement or praise and am not seeking anything but a need fulfill my role in doing what I can to create better for all.

I hope that helps better explains what this is and why it has been created.

The information is here as a taster merely, to the information that is out there if you wish to view it, and my hope is that at least one person will find a piece of information here useful, informative, educational, or at least makes you want to find out more.

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Nuff Love & Good Vibes



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